The Emigh’s

Pictured left to right; Catie (daughter), Eric (son), Sarah (daughter), Martin (father)

We are the Emigh family. Fourth and fifth generation sheep and cattle ranchers. Martin’s great grandfather settled in the Rio Vista area in the mid 1800s. Along with some dry hill ground, his grandfather branched out to the Dixon area purchasing a small piece of irrigated pasture. Martin started running his own livestock business in 1993 and expanding from there. We started direct marketing our product in 2011, personally delivering our lamb to local restaurants and butcher shops. We decided to start shipping our lamb to out of town customers who could not easily get their hands on our product. We hope you love our lamb as much as we do!


Our Ranch

We raise Rambouillet/Suffolk cross lambs. We breed our Rambouillet ewes to Suffolk or Suffolk/Hampshire cross rams to create the best quality lamb around. Our lambs are on green feed from the time they are just a few weeks old. Our mother sheep have their lambs in the dry hill ground and are then moved down to the alfalfa fields. In the spring our lambs are weaned from their mothers and kept on the irrigated pasture to grow until they are about 11 to 13 months in which they are ready for harvest.


Our Lamb

All of our lambs are humanly harvested at a state of the art USDA inspected facility in Dixon, CA. They are hand cut and individually packaged in a vacuum sealed bag to insure freshness.