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About Emigh Lamb

Hi, my name is Martin Emigh. I am a 4th generation lamb producer in Solano County. I have been direct marketing my lamb for the past 5 years with my daughters, Catie and Sarah. I am very proud of my production practices and would like to give you an idea of how it is done.

I am fortunate to have non irrigated hill ground and irrigated pasture ground. The pastures are all natural and never have any herbicide, pesticide, or fertilizer sprayed on them. I run about 2-3 thousand mother sheep that have their lambs in the non-irrigated hill ground between October and April. When the ewes with lambs are just a few weeks old, they are put on the irrigated pasture in the early fall. They grow there until the winter rain starts, making the grass grow in the non-irrigated hills.

When there is enough new grasses started (usually end of Dec, first part of Jan) they are moved back to the hills. Then the lambs are grown out there until April to May +/- depending on the feed conditions. They are then weaned from their mothers and finish out on the irrigated pasture ranch. The lambs are always on green feed keeping them on a steady growth schedule. They are never given hormonal growth stimulants or antibiotics.

All my lambs are grown naturally. My product is the best available anywhere. The lambs are processed at a state of the art USDA facility in Dixon, Ca. Hope you enjoy our delicious naturally raised lamb!